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JE Mix Fansubs

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JE Mix Fansubs will be fansubbing general Johnny's Entertainment media
JE Mix Fansubs is a fansub group who fansub general Johnny's Entertainment media. This will include things from SMAP, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8, Tackey and Tsubasa and the juniors. We are planning to sub Muchaburi and Janiben on a regular basis and anything else we like that we see no-one else is doing. We are also open to collaborations with other fansub groups so if anyone is interested drop us a line ^_^ We hope you enjoy our releases everyone. Let's spread the JE love more <3

Our policy is as follows:

We will not lock anything, nor will we password anything. Everything is available freely to everyone. All that we ask is that

1. You do NOT under ANY circumstances upload to any streaming sites whatsoever. This includes YouTube, Veoh, Crunchyroll, Megavideo, or any sites of that nature. If we find our subs uploaded, we will go directly to the service and have the clip removed. Whatever other action the service chooses to take against the person who uploaded it is not our concern.

2. If you upload anywhere else (though we don't see why you should need to, we're doing all that FOR you ^.^), please don't take out the [JEMix] part of the filename. You can call it whatever else you like, but don't take our credits out. It's only fair we get recognition for our hard work, right?

3. Ask us if you want to repost our links to forums or other comms, or to post the subbed videos on a fansite. Again, we're going to do this anyway so why would anyone else need to but we can't be everywhere.

We're going to be posting the relevant files to the relevant comms; this means that KAT-TUN related stuff will go to their comms, Kanjani8 to theirs, etc. This is in keeping with standard rules. It also means nobody else should need to post the same files to the comms repeatedly.

4. ALWAYS CREDIT US if you use it in anything or on any site, comm, forum, whatever. If we find stuff uncredited, again, it comes down. Just play fair and we will too, ne?

Here's where you ask us for permission to post elsewhere. Please state the following:

URL of where you intend to post it.
Credits you intend to post with it.
Name of person posting. (LJ/forum name)
Why you want to post it there. (ie is it a fan forum, is it relevant to the group(s) etc.)

NOTE: You also need to ask permission if you want to use our translations to sub it into any other languages. We can't provide any softsubs or files, but if asked nicely we may allow translations using the videos, depending on the circumstances. Each instance will be treated on its own merits. (ie this is not a blanket permission.) Also note that the following languages will NOT be given permission for translation, as we already have native speakers of these languages on the team: Greek, Spanish, and French.

For translation permission, please provide us with the following info:

Name of sub group
Language you wish to sub into
URL of group site/LJ (so we can pimp you too!)

The rules will no doubt be added to and/or amended as necessary so don't think that just cuz it's not here, it's cool to do something that you know you shouldn't. If in doubt, ask. We don't bite.....hard. ;)


ohmiya_sg (for MA and general JE fansubs - polite requests welcome)
Hesitate Fansubs

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