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[RELEASE] Janiben 09.07.08 guest Ato Kai

Hello everyone (^_^)/

Doing this release in a bit of a hurry as I have to leave in less than an hour but here is the latest Janiben from us.

The guest this time is Ato Kai and he challenges Eito to eat the spiciest sauces there are. As expected, hilarity ensues.

Special thanks to lady_mercury for collaborating with us for this project.

MU pt1, pt2, pt3 Thank you flowerlight for the MU links <3
MF pt1, pt2, pt3

Sendspace pt1, pt2, pt3

This is what we have for you today, enjoy and see you next time o(^o^)o

p.s. No MU until Wednesday as I am in a hurry, sorry.
Hello everyone (^_^)/

We have a couple more releases for you today.

First here is Fuka Fuka Love the Earth from the Musekinin Hero DVD which leaves us only BJ to complete the set ^___^

MU, MF, Sendspace

The second part of this release is SMAP performing StillU in the last day of their tour for FNS.

MU, MF, Sendspace

This is what we have for you today, enjoy and see you next time o(^o^)o


Hello everyone (^_^)/

Long time no see XD
After travelling around the world and back, here we are again with more JE goodness for all of you.

Without further delay here are our first releases for 2009.
First we have the second part of the 01.01.2008 Muchaburi special. The guests are Chemistry and they want to see a lot of comedians.

MU pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5

MF pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5

SendSpace pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5

The second video we have for you is the recent Tohoshinki appearance on smap x smap.

MU pt1, MU pt2, MF, SendSpace

This is what we have for you today, enjoy and see you next time o(^o^)o

p.s. all MU uploads will be split to two or more parts from now on

[RELEASE] Maru-chan in SC 07.12.08

Hello everyone (^_^)/

Due to some work issues that are killing my time
the scheduled releases will delay a bit but
thanks to the lovely lady_mercury we have a special release for everyone today.

It's Maru-chan's recent Shounen Club appearance.

MU, MF, SendSpace

So enjoy this dose of Maru greatness and see soon with more releases o(^o^)o
Hello everyone (^_^)/

It's release time again and today it's all about SMAP.
We present to you two of their newest segments in smapxsmap.
The first one is Goro's impresonation of the famous comedian Edo Harumi.

Goro Harumi

MU, MF, SendSpace

The second one is Kimura Takuya's
Gal salesgirl Shinobu

MU, MF, SendSpace

Both are hilarious, we promise ^_^

Enjoy these and see you next time o(^o^)o

p.s. MU links thanks to tesshi

[RELEASE] Birthday release

Hello everyone (^_^)/

Uwa uwa such an exciting day it is today as it is our one year birthday. This time last year we had our first release. So we prepared something special today to say thank you to all of you who have shared the fun with us for this past year. A big thank you to all of you for your kindness and support and also a huge hug to all the lovely people who were working as part of our group but for this or the other reason have left us and moved on.

And now... *wipes a tear* here is what we have prepared for this celebratory post.

First of all we present you with the 3 newest Kanjani8 solo songs.


MU, MF, SendSpace


MU, MF, SendSpace

Hoshii Mono Wa

(concerning this song just a small note to say that in case you didn't know they wrote this for the fans so pay attention to the lyrics ^_^)

MU, MF, SendSpace

As for the fourth and final part of this release, here is a very special episode from Urajani. It is episode 15, the galsa summer special where Yoko, Ryo, Uchi (and later on Maru) spend a day at the beach with a bunch of gals and of course hilariousness ensues. Expect to see more Urajani from us in the future hehehe.

MU: part1, part2, part3
MF: part1, part2, part3
Sendspace: part1, part2, part3

Once again thank you all for this fun year and we hope you enjoy the birthday releases.

See you next time o(^o^)o

[RELEASE] Janiben 24.09.2008

Hello everyone (^_^)/

Here is our latest release, it's another Janiben episode.
This time the guest is the King of Love Songs, Matsuzaki Shigeru.
Watch him steal a kiss from Hina and sweep Yasu and Yoko off their feet *giggles*

MU: part1, part2
MF: part1, part2
Sendspace: part1, part2

See you on our next release. Enjoy o(^o^)o
Hello everyone (^_^)/

It's release time again and today we have something we know you've all been waiting for.

In collaboration with DeVOtioN Subs (je_devotion) here comes the second half of disc 1 of the Cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD.

Mediafire, Sendspace and MegaUpload links are available. (MU thanks to tesshi)
Mediafire folder
Sendspace folder
Megaupload folder

You can also get disc 1a here

We hope you enjoy this while we are working on disc 2.

See you on the next release o(^o^)o

[RELEASE] Muchaburi 37 - SMAP x BoA medley

Hello hello (^_^)/

It's release time again so without further delay here are our new releases.

First off we have another episode of Muchaburi, this is the first part of the New Year's special and the guest is Koda Kumi.
She asks for the Kingdom of Dreams and Kanjani8 do their best to create it for her.

Megaupload pt1, pt2, pt3
Mediafire pt1, pt2, pt3
Sendspace pt1, pt2, pt3

Second comes a medley with SMAP and BoA from smapxsmap back in 2004.
BoA is awesome, SMAP are even more awesome (although yes they cannot sing but so what?) so we hope you like it ^_^

MU, MF, sendspace

We also subbed 3 concert reports for Ohkura's solo concert rehearsal as a special birthday present to the okura_tadayoshi community so you are an Ohkura fan head

over there and check them out.

See you on the next release. Enjoy o(^o^)o

p.s. As some of us will be doing some travelling there might or might not be a release next week.

[RELEASE] Sankyoudai in SCP 17.08.2008

Hello hello (^_^)/

I bring you our latest release.

Just one clip for today but there is so much goodness involved.
This time we have for you Sankyoudai with Onigishi and Subaru with Mr Travelling man from Shounen Club Premium.
And all in one clip too ^_^
A big thank you to the lovely ohmiya_sg for working with us on this one <3

Megaupload pt1, pt2,
Mediafire pt1, pt2,
Sendspace pt1, pt2,

See you next time. Enjoy o(^o^)o


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